Book Flights Smarter

Skanfare constantly monitors thousands of flights you care about, helping you catch amazing flight deals and save up to 60%

Plan less, travel more

Best dates to fly
Checking different dates, looking for a good deal that matches your schedule is a real hassle

Skanfare helps you stay on top of all these dates and let you know which is the best to fly on
Constantly watching
We monitor all flights that match your preferences and alert you as soon as we find an amazing price

Thats it, No more endless searching or refreshing
Amazing deals
We rank and compare each flight taking into account past prices and movements

That way we can be sure you are getting an amazing deal

Build your watchlist

Add your trip ideas and we will monitor these flights 24/7, updating you on the lowest price we see

Book only at the right price

Flight prices can be volatile but we can use this to our advantage. You can set your own target price or rating that fits your budget (e.g. < $200)
Beat the crowd
Our algorithm will be faster than the most devoted cheap flight enthusiast, helping you get amazing deals ahead of everyone else
Data to back
We take a scientific approach to rank how good flights are, taking into account historical prices of similar flights and recent price movements
Deals you care about
Don’t like 5 day flights departing on a Wednesday no matter how cheap it is? Don’t worry, you can set exactly what you’re looking for so we only notify you of deals you care about
Discover more places
Set your trip to anywhere and we’ll let you know of deals happening to all sorts of unexpected places

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